Diabetes is a growing epidemic in the US. According to the American Diabetes Association, every 21 seconds another person is diagnosed with this disease. That is primarily self-induced by lifestyle choices and misinformation. To make matters worse, traditional medicine seeks to merely "manage" this disease, rather than treating the internal and external causes, which is our primary focus at ND Life Spa.

If you think merely managing this disease is wise, then consider that research has shown that type 2 diabetics live an average of 15 years less than non-diabetics!  It gets worse when you consider the many health issues that often accompany diabetes like poor circulation, ulcers, obesity, neuropathy, (to name a few).  The holistic approach applied by the staff at ND Life Spa deals with the underlying causes of the patient's poor health, which ultimately created a body that was susceptible enough to succumb to this opportunistic adversary.  Our natural treatments can help reverse years of symptoms of diabetes. Dayle (in the video below) is a good example of how we've seen complete remission in diabetic patients.  If you're diabetic and want to add those 15 years back to your lifespan and regain your fitness and quality of life, come talk to the Holistic Doctors at ND Life Spa today.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Special thanks to Dr. Blackwood for getting me straightened out. I had been suffering from severe pain in my neck and shoulder. The pain was so severe I had been sleeping on the floor for the past 5 nights. Not only did the staff and Dr. Blackwood get me in right away but they explained to me what was causing my pain in a way that I could understand and showed me exactly what was happening with the high tech infrared equipment. I had locked up a portion of my atlas. After my first appointment with Dr. Blackwood I felt immediate relief and have been on a path to recovery ever since. If I had gone to the ER I’m sure my problem would not be rectified and I would be sent home with pain medications causing other problems. Thank you Dr. Blackwood and all of those behind you at ND Lifespa!!!"


"This experience has been both life saving and life changing for me. It was worth every cent I spent, and I feel like a new person. I have so much energy, feel better, no more chronic body pain, and my mood has improved dramatically. Thank you all so much!."


"Amazing! Dr Blackwood has brought my life back. No jokes here. I’ve dealt with migraines for almost 2 years and after 3 weeks of balancing my body, no more migraines. I highly recommend ND life spa, and the staff are wonderful!"


"I have been a patient of ND Life Spa for the past 4 months and could not be more pleased with my care and with Dr. K. Blackwood and his staff. They are very caring, kind and professional. I have lost weight, am Candida free, hormones are balanced and have found relief from knee pain including swelling and with upper cervical adjustments am feeling the best I have in a long time. I highly recommend this "holistic" approach which treats the whole person."


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