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ND Life Spa exclusively features the Solutions4 supplement line that can only be purchased and sold by qualifying doctors. Health and renewal come from within, and ND Life Spa and Solutions4 are the keys to helping patients find and use this great power.



The Solutions4 supplement line, founded by Dr. Linda Nelson, stemmed from the idea that humans are inextricably and concurrently spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional beings, and that whatever affects a single aspect of one’s being will ultimately and in some measure, affect all. She began with a core foundation of products which are triple checked and programs that remain an integral part of the Solutions4 line. She recognized the medical center as a place that can provide not only programs for health but for the entire Internal and external being. A place providing education in how the body works, and in how lifestyle affects the way we look and feel, as well as long-term wellness. Dr. Linda Nelson saw the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to a patient’s overall happiness and well-being. She saw a way to increase and expand the abilities and profitability of medical wellness centers, through education, complete programs, and quality products.


We know Solutions 4 products are the best of the best because the quality triple checked and monitored at every step. You're getting 100% organic, perfectly potent herbal goodness in every formulation.

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