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Upper Cervical Care

Are you trying to keep yourself well? Is your body trying to tell you that something is wrong? Maybe it’s time to discover upper cervical care. Dr. Blackwood is an upper cervical chiropractor and can educate you on all its benefits.


The neck is an important area of your body. For your health to be elevated, your brain needs to communicate effectively with your body. Damage to the upper neck typically results in death or paralysis. A minor injury can result in serious long-term effects. Like a rock in your shoe that makes more annoyance the longer it is present, misalignments in your neck aggravate your nerves and blood vessels over time and can create major issues with your body’s capability to self-heal.


Upper cervical chiropractors can ease the brain stem irritation and increase brain to body communication by returning the right structural balance to the upper neck. Contact us today for more information.



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