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Weight Loss


95% of Americans that lose a significant amount of weight gain it back! This is exactly why ND Life Spa does NOT do conventional weight loss (it just doesn't work long-term). Instead, we specialize in healing and balancing the body inside and out, through nutrition, "whole-food" supplementation, detoxification, hormone balancing, lymphatic stimulation and more; all resulting in permanent, healthy weight loss.


Author William Duffy said it perfectly, "any diet or regimen that seeks to do anything short of total restoration of health is dangerous by definition." If you don't address the reasons that your body has been sluggish and storing fat, you're very unlikely to lose weight and keep it off.  In fact, a recent study shows if you lose 10 lbs, you're likely to be 2.2 lbs heavier than where you started within a year or two. This is due to a phenomenon known as the rebound effect.  One of the key factors of the rebound effect is due to toxins, which we stored primarily in the fat cells.  According to the EPA, the average American has up to 400 toxins in the adipocyte cells (fat cells).


You can try fad dieting, cutting calories, joining the newest "best" multi-level marketing (direct sales) business, going low carb or taking weight loss pills or potions; and you might even lose a good deal of weight with some of these methods. The problem is until you deal with the underlying imbalances such as pain, poor sleep, hormone imbalance, stress, toxins, candida yeast, thyroid issues, and bowel sluggishness (to name a few). You will likely continue the gain/loss cycle, and continue trending towards sickness and disease. At ND Life Spa, we've even had a number of patients that have undergone weight loss surgeries, still to find that given enough time, the weight comes back up, and the quality of life goes down.  In fact, every one of our patients that have been through these dangerous surgeries tells us that they actually lost weight "faster" on our programs, compared to after their weight loss surgeries. If you're sick and tired of the gain/loss cycle, and you're seeking permanent weight loss through a total restoration of health, ND Life Spa is your answer.



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